Our Story


What We Do

Mint Farm Films creates unique and compelling sports documentary content and facilitates distribution and funding to further the sports-based creative arts. Our biographical focus is on Hall of Fame-caliber athletes, supplemented with additional films on broader issues and historical sports developments. Our subjects have significant input into the creative process, making them comfortable their legacies will be managed appropriately. In a Players’ Tribune world, where athletes have more control than ever over their self-presentation, such an approach helps ensure participation.  


Our Value

The sports documentary genre is in its heyday, but as yet nobody has established themselves as the leader in biography-style pieces about top-level sports figures. We plan to change that. Demand for original content of any kind is at an all-time high, and content that comes with the pre-existing name recognition and compelling story lines our athletes provide is especially valuable. A package that includes a film plus ancillary digital content is appealing to platforms like:   

  • Broadcast and cable networks, in the U.S. and beyond
  • Streaming services, including Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Facebook
  • Sponsor-controlled channels, including company websites and social media
  • Athlete- and team-controlled channels  


Why Us?

Our company management group delivers 60-plus years of professional sports experience - including NHL, MLB and NBA top-level executive, public relations, sponsorship, marketing, retail, media, creative and production decision making positions, as well as decades of premium-level athlete representation. We are deeply connected to professional teams and leagues, athletes, broadcasters and sponsors. We’re uniquely qualified because :

  • Athletes trust us due to our decades of business dealings with them. This gives us a significant advantage over any competition when it comes to securing talent
  • Our sponsor and entertainment industry relationships helps facilitate distribution
  • We have the creative and technical capabilities to produce compelling, sports-savvy content
  • We have the in-house resources to begin work on a project before full funding is secured