Rush Olson

Rush Olson has spent his career developing and creating inventive content, with an emphasis on sports-focused projects. His background working for teams and rights holders gives him unique insight into working with athletes and engaging with fans. Olson has long found ways to utilize content across technological platforms for maximum impact. He possesses a rarely-found ability to formulate big-picture strategy while also being able to execute the details necessary for a project’s successful resolution.

As the principal at Rush Olson Creative and Sports, he has produced a wide range of content projects, from television commercials to Hall of Famers’ charity galas at concert venues to the broadcast documentary project A Bright Future: West ISD Rises Up. The latter told the story of the remarkable students and adults of West, Texas who rebuilt their schools after losing them to an explosion that devastated the town. Olson has also worked on developing television programs with a partner in the UK through their FourNine Productions initiative.

As a long-time creative director at the Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars and Mesquite Championship Rodeo, Olson established standards of innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness. The jobs required a unique combination of killer creative skills and an insider's understanding of sports.

Some notable accomplishments included:

  • 2011 - Created the attention-grabbing "My Texas, My Rangers" advertising campaign. The TV spots, billboards, radio commercials and other components showcase fun creative elements conceived to exploit opportunities revealed by unprecedented audience research.
  • 2010 – Proposed solution to integrate video workflow between new scoreboard equipment and existing facilities. Solution was adopted two years later.
  • 2009 – Implemented Rangers FTP site to deliver video and audio content to an increasingly resource-challenged news media. The Rangers became one of the first sports teams to do so.
  • 2007 – Created long-running program for Rangers Foundation to educate schoolchildren about health and fitness. The program utilized multiple disciplines, including video, web, and event elements.
  • 2006 – Foresaw the eventual move to high-definition video and, working with a minuscule budget, implemented a solution to begin gathering footage in HD. Over the next few years, the decision situated the Rangers in a leadership position as HD became predominant in the market.
  • 2003 – Made the Texas Rangers a leader among MLB teams in website video content. Supplemented print stories with video content and created in-depth features for the site. Much of the content could also be repurposed for use by the team’s broadcast rightsholder.
  • 2002 - Spearheaded the production of a DVD targeted at high profile free agents, three of whom signed with Dallas
  • 2002 – Realized the team’s production needs would soon outstrip the capabilities provided by outsourcing many production functions, developed relationship with local production company for reduced-price use of equipment, then implemented plan to bring many editing functions in-house. The solution saved money and increased productivity.
  • Olson began his career working at sports-intensive television outlets, creating ad campaigns and shows. He eventually supervised a department that maximized both budget and creativity. He produced a golf program that became among the first sports shows to stream live in the Dallas-Fort Worth market and later partnered with a newspaper in an early streaming video collaboration that also included print and broadcast elements. He performed play-by-play duties for many years for professional teams in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as co-producing documentaries on the city’s baseball and ice hockey franchises.

A native of Fort Worth, Olson graduated with degrees in communication and history and a minor in economics from San Antonio’s Trinity University.